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Attitude estimation-Future of Russian policy in Syria after a year of military intervention

Russia has completed its first year of military intervention in Syria in the end of September. “Fighting terrorism” is the main goal that Russia identified but the facts during the last year pointed that Moscow did not come close to that goal at all, and the only time which Russia said it had killed a leader in ISIS who is "Abu Mohammed Al-Adnani), united states described this adoption as a joke because he was killed by USA.

Moscow achieved strategically two things from its military intervention as following:

In the field of conflict against Washington and the west:
1-to force Washington to start direct dual negotiation which seems that it related to Syria but in the fact it related to deep differences between the two parts such as the missile shield, raising missiles near the Russian borders, NATO’S expand to the east and Washington intervention to sell Russian oil and gas to Europe.
2-to force west to approve that Crimea subordination to Russia after military occupation in February 2014 and the role of Moscow in the east of Ukraine and stop changing the governmental regime into a regime against Russia.
3-increase disputes about the attitude towards sanctions on Russia and its advantages among USA and its European allies so, some voices raised to complain such as Germany's attitude which is seeking for positive cooperation politically, economically and security. Moscow’s raising use for strategic weapons system, led to some growing worries in the west which maybe will lead to strong conflict in its active scene and lead to great crises.