The political awareness and the rules of the political practice/ the participation of women in the political life

On December 17, 2017, Jusoor for Studies Center organized a training session entitled "the political awareness" as part of a new political program under the name "the political program" in order to raise the political awareness and having an idea about the historical backgrounds that played a role in forming the political map of the contemporary world including the influence and map of the different forces in addition to the factors that affected the trajectories of the political events. 
This program aims at improving the performance of the Syrian activists who are interested in the Syrian issue because Jusoor for Studies Center focuses on moving the political process towards the correct path through having the proper political instruments and capacities including the presence of diplomatic activists who seek the fulfillment of a vision that is in compliance with the hopes of Syrians who opposes the Syrian regime. 
After including a selection of prominent female activists who are interested in the political and public affairs, the training session focused on two main topics as follows: the importance of woman's participation in the political life lectured by Ahmad Tu'mah, as the session addressed the nature of the societies, traditions, and norms that prevented the woman from participating in the political life in addition to the role of the religious texts in preventing the woman from partaking in the public affair. While many examples of woman's participation in the Syrian political life were presented during the session along with forward-looking the future of the Syrian woman and the political work. 
As for the second session, it focused on the rules of the political practice lectured by Rami Al Dalati, whereby he started the lecture by explaining the emergence of policy and the significance of the political awareness and the rules of the political practice for the different societies. Rami concluded the session by highlighting some events from the Syrian situation.