Preparation course for researchers

Jusoor center for developing studies and researches along with mobilizing, building capacities and investing labors ideally and addressing lack of capacities, conducted a unique training program (researchers preparation) on 1st and 2nd of October in Gaziantep, cooperated and coordinated with Jusoor under supervision of Mr. Obaida Fares, Syrian trainer and researcher also a manager of AFDC (Arab foundation for development and citizenship), last week. 

This training program covered diversity of young men and women concerned with scientific research (different fields), the program included interactive training about bases of scientific research with terminologies and basic tools to prepare the research in general, an obvious interaction with positive impressions prevailed in the training through the program discussion and way of presenting, the purpose of the training was (as a first phase) to motivate the researches rather than producing them, clarifying road map and tools needed to advance in this field, proposals were required from participants before 10 days of ending the course, including information paper about a chosen topic to be evaluated by the supervisor.