Euphrates Shield Developments in six months
Feb 28, 2017 3059

Euphrates Shield Developments in six months

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Euphrates shield Operation which started on 24/8/2016 formed a change in the Syrian crisis and its regional and international interactions.
It was the first direct Turkish intervention is the Syrian territory, changed the local situation between the Kurdish groups, ISIS and the Syrian regime's forces in north and northeast of Syria for two years at least.
It moved Turkey from the affected to the role of side effects, to the direct actor in the Syrian event
The local impact of Euphrates shield forms a reflection for international attractions, because this is a project which was disabled by Washington for years, then it passed through Turkish-Russian agreement without Iranian satisfaction.
Also, it came in a special time and phase, it was after the freezing relations between Russia and Turkey, in the last months of American president's role (Barack Obama) when the Turkish -American relations were at its lowest level.
This report reviews the developments during the first six months of Euphrates Shield, the course, achievements, and what can be done in the next months.

To read the report in full can download an PDF version