Jusoor For Studies center meets the council of Idlib
Mar 28, 2017 2524

Jusoor For Studies center meets the council of Idlib

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Mr. Mohammed Sarmini , the general manager of Jusoor for studies and Mr. Rami Al-Dalati , head of the unit of religious movements visited the local council of Idlib on Thursday,23 March,2017.
The delegation of the center reviewed the actions of the council ,the  services provided in the city  and the civil activities.
During this session,  the significance of the council, the need to support this civil experience, and to provide needs to ensure its continuity were emphasized.
They has also focused on that the council is unique due to it is the only council which was elected directly by the civilians freely since 1963, the need to stay away from the idoligical differences, and to limit its members by only the civil qualifications and the technocrats.
Challenges and impediments which were facing the council were discussed, the need to what can be done to success this Democratic experience, to prove the ability of the revolution to produce effective useful alternatives for Asaad' regime, and to present a positive perspective for syrians about the models of management in the liberated areas.
This visit was within an inspection tour to Idlib, and some civil institutions in the city and the countryside by the delegation of the center.