Jusoor initiative for dialogue
Oct 04, 2016 2263

Jusoor initiative for dialogue

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((dialogue for complementarity))


Jusoor for Studies center is seeking for mobilizing Syrian energies and activating its role within one national vision to achieve its goals in dignity and freedom, so Jusoor introduces an initiative to support the communication and dialogue entitled (dialogue for complementarity) which will bring all Syrian actor parties together in political, military and civilian field.

The idea of the initiative:

from our vision that parties working in the Syrian current situation are in need to meet, understand and converge within the goals brought them together so, the idea of Jusoor initiative for dialogue raised from our belief in positive results from it, to collect the national front, dispel misunderstanding resulting from lack of knowledge and to emphasize the need to focus all activities to promote the national project.
Amid the chaos witnessed by the Syrian scene in judicial, political and military levels, Jusoor for Studies center felt the need to introduce this initiative to bring all parties together, studying causes of difference through it, conceptualization and development of participatory formats to stop dispersions which is harmful to the Syrian national project.
this initiative gave way to all actors without exception to contribute to achieving its objectives, and hopes to expand participation and increase the number of beneficiaries to cover all parts of revolutionary work.

Objectives of the initiative:

there are a set of goals to be achieved by the actor parties involved in Syrian reality, within this initiative:
- Enhance the common action, building bridges and unifying vision
- Strengthen the culture of dialogue and devote participation logic
- Clarify the confusion and highlight the problems to find solutions
- overcome the obstacles to find commonalities for more cooperation and coordination
- direct efforts towards desired target by expanding the common links and reducing disputes.

Basic principles of the initiative:

there are a set of control principles within this initiative which are:
- Taking into account hypothesis of difference and believing in its presence
- Besiege the dispute, minimize it, control it, mange it well, and converted it from a division factor into a factor for enrich and exchange.
- Make the initiative comprehensive to reach all actor parties in Syrian reality
- Minimizing the differences and promoting common links and building communication.

Implementation mechanism for the initiative:

By assembling all national parties at different levels:
- military factions and fighter’s groups.
- commissions, facades, parties and political offices.
- individuals and activists.
- relief organizations and civil society commissions.
- media mass and revolutionary formats.
- judicial institutions.
so, Jusoor initiative for dialogue seeks to achieve the communication between these levels through the implementation mechanism:
1- Arrange regular meetings, between different spectrums and compositions of SYRIAN peoples.
2- Intellectual seminars and hosting guests and active, effective and influential characters maybe will offer during the initiative in order to enrich the knowledge of SYRIAN reality and deepen the knowledge of current situation and data.
3- Holding training workshops for all levels to enhance the communication and dialogue skills and to change some beliefs that harm the collective work
where we will choose, the suitable mechanism depending on the conditions and available possibilities.


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