Kurdish issue from national Syrian prospect
May 29, 2017 1804

Kurdish issue from national Syrian prospect

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Jusoor center organized first dialogue sessions (part of Jusoor for dialogue initiative) holding the title "Kurdish Issue from national Syrian prospect", on 6/10/2016. the session hosted Mr. Zardasht Mohammad, member of national Kurdish council in Syria and the political office of democratic unity party, many political, military and CSOs figures participated in the session. 

Mr. Zardasht presented Kurdish people vision (its concerns and motives) of future Syria and the underlying causes of federalism, the relations of political Kurds with regional and international parties (active in the region). 
Many topics were opened for discussion with the guest, as statements focused on Syrians recognition of injustice situations suffered by Kurdish people, their rights in participating to form the future Syria and the impact of individual decisions taken by one party. 

This dialogue session is a continuity for "Jusoor initiative for dialogue", activities and periodical meetings to be held in order to build trust and strengthening the common bonds among the Syrian people, presenting topics which address reality and future of Syria and region.