Prospects for Political Solution in Syria
Jun 09, 2017 2240

Prospects for Political Solution in Syria

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Jusoor for Studies Center (represented by its GM Mr. Mohammad Sarmini) participated in a seminar on: "Prospects for Political Solution in Syria" with the help of Carnegie Middle East Center, on 6/6/2017, in Beirut, as lecturers (Mr. Yazid Al Sayegh, a senior researcher in Carnegie Middle East Center – Obeida Nahas, Head of National Renewal Movement – Mr. Mohammad Sarmini, Jusoor for Studies General Manager) discussed: political solution between Geneva and Astana, addressing the political solution in Syria: when and how it was internationalized, in addition to, the course of Geneva "the hoped solution" away from Astana course "realities on the ground " also, what are the positions of international parties from the two courses? 
Three levels of the political solution were addressed, as available margins of the national solutions and their fields were mentioned away from the international polarization (especially, national safety-net and burden sharing). 
Videos of the seminar can be found here: