seminar for international changes and the Syrian revolution options
May 26, 2017 2193

seminar for international changes and the Syrian revolution options

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Jusoor for Studies held a political seminar entitled: "international changes and the Syrian revolution options" on Friday 3th March, in Retag hotel. Istanbul, during the complicated international situations and the sensitive stage for the Syrian revolution which oblige the revolution to choose its trends according to the supreme interests of the Syrian people and according to the objective analyzing for the regional and international changes. number of experts, political official, researchers, political activists in the important Syrian opposition factions, participated in this seminar.

This seminar was attended by Mr. Waddah Khanfar, the former head of Al-Jazeera channel, Dr. Farouk Kourkmaz the senior advisor for the Turkish president, Mohamed Moukhtar Al-Shanqeti, a professor of Islamic ethics in Qatar university, Dr. Ahmad Ramadhan, head of National Action Movement, Dr. Saeed Al-Hajj, a specialist researcher for the Turkish affairs and some politicians, researchers and Syrian activists.

The sessions of the seminar were managed by Mr. Mohammed Sarmini; the general director of Jusoor for Studies center, Mr. Houzayfa Akash; the director of Rou'ea media center, Mr. Rami Al-Dalati; the specialist in the religious movement affairs and Mr. Basel Haffar; the director of Idrak for Studies center.

The discussions of the seminar focused on several axes, the most important Axis was the competing regional forces in Syria and their effects which identify the regional forces projects, show their roles in Syria, and discuss the important developments in their policy in Syria.
there were two essential forms for the strategies (either confrontation or containment).