The Israeli Strikes in Syria during 2021
Dec 31, 2021 3382

The Israeli Strikes in Syria during 2021

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The Israeli Strikes in Syria during 2021

Prepared by: Bashir Nasrollah - Waiel Olwan - Obada Al-Abdallah

The Jusoor Center for Studies in cooperation with the InformaGENE Platform for Data Analysis and Visualization publishes a map and infographics that include the Israeli strikes on Iranian forces’ sites in Syria during 2021.
Accordingly, the map indicates 28 large-scale military strikes, affecting 57 sites, targeting about 187 targets. These targets are in 11 governorates in Syria, where Israel sometimes attacks multiple sites and targets in one strike or in more than one governorate. In fact, with such strikes, Israel managed to achieve the destruction of most of the sites it targeted.
Obviously, each of Damascus and Damascus Countryside governorates topped the areas targeted by the Israeli strikes with 24 sites, followed by the southern Syria’s governorates i.e., Quneitra, Daraa and As-Suwayda, where the total number of sites targeted in these three governorates amounted to 14 ones. Other targeted sites are in the rest of the governorates, which are Deir ez-Zor, then Lattakia, Aleppo, Hama and finally Tartous with the least number of the targeted points.
One can notice that at the end of 2021, the port of Latakia, which is only 19 km from the Russian Hmeimim base, was one of the Israeli targets too. The port, reportedly, was targeted for the first time on December 7, and then it was targeted more broadly on December 28.

The infographics indicate the nature of the sites and targets that were affected by the Israeli bombing in 2021, which focused on places hosting radars and platforms of eavesdropping, monitoring and reconnaissance, weapons developing centers, especially smart missiles, and their guidance systems. Also, the attacks hit air defense systems as well as convoys, shipments, and depots of long-range arms in addition to warehouses, centers and camps used for developing the Iranian drones.
According to what is shown in the infographics, it is obvious that Israel officially announced only a limited number of the strikes it had launched, unlike the Syrian regime, which announced most of them in official statements that included unreal reports about the air defense response to these strikes.

With these maps and graphs, "Jusoor Center" and "InformaGENE" Platform provide an analytical article that clarifies to those interested in the Syrian issue the nature of the regional and international strife that has become an apparent part of the ongoing conflict in Syria.
This analytical map, of course, provide researchers and politicians, who are interested in the Israeli-Iranian conflict with a briefed report about the 2021 Israeli strikes that illustrates the most important arenas of regional confrontation between them. Besides, this analytical map presents an analysis of the objectives of the Israeli air intervention in the Syrian file as well as the related international impacts, especially in coordination with Russia. In fact, after noting the expansion of the targets of the Israeli bombing to more than double, compared to the strikes of 2020, the analytical article anticipates the continuation and expansion of Israeli pressure on Syria based on the expected field and political situation.