The Syrian regime's policies based on blackmailing the international community
May 22, 2023 1940

The Syrian regime's policies based on blackmailing the international community

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Despite the Syrian regime has been isolated by the international community after 2011, it was notable that many countries engaged in negotiations with this regime even before the start of the normalization process by the end of 2018. 

Since 2014, many countries have initiated negotiations with the Syrian regime, which continue until the present time. Such negotiations have expanded beyond security issues and gradually evolved into political and diplomatic coordination and relations. This shift was driven by a clear international desire to address threats and challenges such as counterterrorism, reducing illegal migration, and combating smuggling. Issues as such have long been exploited by the regime to blackmail the international community, which bring uncontrolled transnational impacts. 

The study concluded the existence of a systematic policy by the Syrian regime, based on blackmailing the international community to achieve political gains. The behavior of the regime in negotiations with international actors, as well as its positions and statements during these talks, indicate a clear exploitation of security issues to the extent of blatant blackmail. 

The study attempts to analyze the method of blackmail employed by the regime through these issues, and build upon it to assess its willingness or ability to abandon this approach in light of the ongoing normalization steps with it. This analysis assists researchers and stakeholders from international actors in understanding the regime's policies towards issues that fall within the realm of normalization and the step-by-step approach.