Training Session for Preparing Researchers
Dec 29, 2017 2035

Training Session for Preparing Researchers

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 According to Jusoor for Studies Center’s plan for developing the scientific research and forming a core unit of youth researchers who can enrich the Syrian issue with accurate studies based on scientific foundations alongside strengthening the capacities in this respect. 
Jusoor center continued its activities within the second training session entitled “Researchers’ Preparation Course” that took place on the 23-24/12/2017, in Istanbul city. The session was coordinated with Midad Center for Consulting and Students Services. Whilst Mr. Obaida Fares, Manager of the Studies Unit in Jusoor center has supervised the session, where many youth partook including those who have interests in the public affair and the different domains of the scientific research. 
The session started with introductions about defining the basic terms of research in addition to demonstrating the main mechanisms of preparing a research after that, a practical training about the basics of a scientific research, through an interactive session, has taken place. There was a positive impression about the session that could be seen from the discussed details among the trainees. 
As an initial step, the training session presented a set of research tools that can draw a road map for conducting a scientific research. Furthermore, the session included a thesis that participants should submit after 10 days of ending the training session, while the trainer will evaluate it in order to determine the actual performance of the trainees.