Actors’ perspectives in Syria over the step for step approach
Jun 18, 2023 1963

Actors’ perspectives in Syria over the step for step approach

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In 2023, the step-for-step approach has once again emerged in speeches, initiatives, and Arab meetings. Such an approach is considered the primary mechanism adopted by the UN Special Envoy for Syria, Geir O. Pedersen, to implement Resolution 2254 (2015).    

Indeed, after four years of the Special Envoy's mission, it has become apparent that the step for step approach has not contributed to a breakthrough or progress in the political process. Furthermore, the international and local actors' approaches to this method have been divergent and varied, further complicating the prospects for implementing Resolution 2254 rather than facilitating them. This is because the approach introduced new elements that are not directly related to the political solution, and Geir O. Pedersen was unable to present an initiative that would keep the approach within the framework of the resolution .    

The stumbling of the step-for-step approach has opened the door for its exploitation by various parties through bilateral initiatives. This has shifted the priority towards their own concerns and issues, aiming to address them individually. Consequently, this has greatly scattered the approach and had a negative impact on the political process in accordance with Resolution 2254.    

This report screens the approach of international and local actors towards the step-for-step approach and the extent to which it has influenced its fate as a primary mechanism for the UN Special Envoy. It also analyzes its impact on the political process and UN Security Council Resolution 2254. The report aims to provide clarity to experts, stakeholders, and policymakers by highlighting the differences in understanding and engagement of each party with this approach .