Map of the distribution of Syrians inside and outside Syria
May 18, 2023 3167

Map of the distribution of Syrians inside and outside Syria

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Working in the economic, political, and social sectors is not possible without considering the demographic dimension. Population issues have remained a focal point for many research institutions, as demographic changes have impacted everyone. Similarly, migration and displacement issues have remained prominent throughout the years of conflict in Syria.

This report, issued by the Bridges Center for Studies, seeks to overcome the challenge related to population estimates in Syria. It relies on estimates from dozens of detailed and aggregate sources, as well as the observations of researchers at the center.

The report is presented in the form of a map depicting the distribution of the population inside and outside Syria. It also includes a table of estimated numbers of Syrians residing in different countries, along with estimates of the population within the country distributed across different regions. The report then discusses issues of migration and displacement, which have been the primary factors driving these transformations. Finally, the paper concludes with an overview of the future demographic landscape in Syria over the next three years.

This paper is directed to Syrians before anyone else, whether they work in the fields of politics, trade, or the social sphere. It is intended for organizations, individuals, decision-makers, and traders, to enable them to make informed decisions based on a clear and realistic understanding of the situation.

The analytical study and the attached maps could be found on the following link: Map of the distribution of Syrians inside and outside Syria


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