Syria during 2022

Syria during 2022

During 2022, Syria witnessed a set of significant political, military and economic events, although it was generally the quietest year compared to what preceded it since 2011.

In this regard, no extensive diplomatic activity was recorded between the international powers, except for some meetings that were held between members of the US-led international coalition and Türkyie and Russia, and other meetings held between Türkyie and Iran. However, the political process witnessed only two rounds without achieving any progress or breakthrough at the political level.

In practice, diplomatic efforts - despite their fewness - prevented the collapse of the cease-fire in Syria, and maintained joint cooperation, but without achieving progress in resolving the differences, whether between Türkyie and Russia or between tha latter and the United States.

In general, the year 2022, however, reinforced the state of political and military stagnation in Syria, which negatively affected the reality of the conflict areas economically, especially the regime-held ones .

Jusoor Center for Studies, via a report as such, attempts to provide an overview of the various issues that the Syrian file went through during 2022, in the hope that this will help officials, decision-makers, and local and international public opinion adequately understand the scene

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US Military Actions in Syria Targeting Russian Forces
In focus

On March 22, 2023, Lt. Gen. Alexus G. Grynkewich, a commander for U.S. Central Command's Air Force, stated that “Russian jets flew over the two US bases in Syria – al-Tanf military base in the southeastern countryside region of Homs and al-Omar field – approximately 25 times this month, as opposed to zero times in February and 14 times in January.

Map of the distribution of Syrians inside and outside Syria

Working in the economic, political, and social sectors is not possible without considering the demographic dimension. Population issues have remained a focal point for many research institutions, as demographic changes have impacted everyone. Similarly, migration and displacement issues have remained prominent throughout the years of conflict in Syria.