Map of foreign forces’ points in Syria- mid 2022
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Map of foreign forces’ points in Syria- mid 2022

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The Jusoor Center for Studies, in cooperation with the "InformaGENE" platform for data analysis, has released a new version of the map of control and influence in Syria, which is an updated version of the one that was issued in early 2022, based on monitoring the changes that occurred during the last period.    

In the current version, it is noted that the map of foreign forces' sites in Syria has an increase in the number of military bases and points for all foreign powers, except for Turkey and the International Coalition's, because both of them preserved the number and locations of their points and bases.   Mainly, the Russian presence has not seen that big increase, while the Iranian presence has had the lion's share of the increase in the number of sites and spread area during the first half of 2022.    

Until the end of the first half of 2022, the number of military, security and foreign operational bases in Syria reached 160, and the number of military, security, logistical and outposts/ observation points reached 593.    

The largest number of military sites for foreign forces in Syria is spread in Aleppo governorate, with up to 176 sites. Damascus Countryside comes next with 100 sites, then Idlib with 86 sites, 74 ones in Deir Ezzor governorate, Homs 66 , Hama 52, al-Hasakah 41, Daraa 38, Raqqa 32, Lattakia 31 , Quneitra 23 , As-Suwayda 21 , Damascus 10 , and in Tartous there are 3 sites.    

In fact, enumerating and classifying all the points of the foreign military forces in Syria is a very difficult and complicated process, when it comes to the available data about such sites due to secrecy that often surrounds most of the military and security points and bases. This is to be added to the regular and continuous operational movements of some of these points. Therefore, such an interactive documentation and presentation mechanism has been adopted, which includes successive updates to the original database, as well as the attached interactive report.    

The analytical study and the attached maps could be found on the following link: Map of foreign forces’ points in Syria- mid 2022