Map of military influence in Syria 02-01-2018
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Map of military influence in Syria 02-01-2018

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Jusoor for Studies Center issued the map of military influence in Syria for December 2017, as it shows a constant change in the total military influence percentage between the different forces. There is a notable increase in the total influence of Assad’s forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on the account of ISIS, while the Free Syrian Army (FSA) influence has also been reduced as follows:  
• The percentage of ISIS-controlled areas is reduced to 7.1%. 
• Assad’s forces controls 53.4 % which means 1% increase comparing to last month. 
• SDF controls 26.3% of areas which means 1 % increase comparing to last month.  
• The percentage of FSA-controlled areas is reduced to 13.2%.
The de-escalation zones still witness constant violations, where Assad’s forces have advanced in areas east of Al Hijaz railway within Aleppo southern countryside and Hama northern countryside in addition to violations in Eastern Al Ghouta by Assad’s forces and FSA, where the Syrian regime continues its attempts to advance in Ain Tarma and Jobar, while FSA has made a progress in the Vehicle Management in Harasta. 
The Northern Region: 
The map shows a new change in this region but the total control percentage has been slightly changed. 
Assad’s forces continue their military operations in Aleppo southern countryside and Hama eastern countryside as an attempt to progress towards the area east of Al Hijaz Railway. However, Assad’s forces were able to advance in many points on the account of the Syrian opposition’s factions, where the military operations take place in two axes north of Mount Al Hass and south of Abu Dali village. 
Since the beginning of its attack in Al Rahjan village, ISIS took over 20 small villages in Hama north eastern countryside and seeks controlling Sinjar Nahiyah east of Al Hijaz railway in order to make it as a stronghold for the organization. 
The Eastern Region: 
The map shows no changes in the controlled locations between the different forces comparing to last month. 
ISIS controls a pocket in the desert that extends from Al Bukamal city towards Al Mayadin and Al Sukhnah in addition to a small pocket in Al Bukamal northern countryside. 
ISIS launched an offensive mid of December 2017 on many villages northwest of Al Bukamal such as Salhiya, Tawatha, Hassrat, Majawdah, Abbas and Sial that are located on Al Bukamal-Al Mayadin road in order to recapture them. 
The Southern Region: 
The map shows a clear change in the total percentage of influence between different forces. The change took place in Western Al Ghouta, where Assad’s forces were able to control Al Haramoun area after making a progress in mountains east of Beit Al-Jin thus, FSA and Assad’s forces made an agreement about the withdrawal of HTS towards north of Syria while FSA factions withdraw towards Daraa Province. 
It should be noted that FSA has kept its recently captured posts in the Vehicle Management in Harasta mid of December 2017. 
During December 2017, Assad’s forces’ attempts to advance in Jobar and Ain Tarma have also failed.