Map of military influence in Syria 02-07-2018
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Map of military influence in Syria 02-07-2018

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The map of military influence in Syria for June 2018 shows a partial change in full control ratios of the forces compared with the ratios recorded in May.  June witnessed major events. The most important was the Syrian regime's violation of the de-escalation deal in the Syrian south and the regime’s launch of an extensive battle to recapture the Syrian south.
According to the monthly map released by Jusoor Center for Studies, Syrian regime's control increased to 56.58% compared to 56.14% in May. ISIS achieved a slight increase in its area of control 7.07% compared to 7.02% in May following the deployment of ISIS elements in a small pocket north-east of Suwayda Province coming from neighborhoods south of the capital Damascus which regime recaptured end of May.
Armed opposition factions’ control decreased significantly as a result of losing part of their strongholds in the Syrian south. The control ratio was 10.47% compared to 10.96% in May. Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) area of control remained the same as recorded last month 24.91%.


The Syrian South
The Syrian regime backed up by Russia and Iran air and ground forces launched an extensive military operation on June 19, 2018 to recapture the Syrian south, which had been subject to de-escalation deal guaranteed by the United States, Jordan and Russia since July 2017.
The Syrian regime was able to control large areas of eastern Daraa Province and some villages in the western countryside as of the end of June.