Map of military influence in Syria 15-09-2017
Eyl 15, 2017 2158

Map of military influence in Syria 15-09-2017

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Jusoor for Studies Center Issued the map of military influence in Syria on 15th September 2017 to show the most notable military changes east of Syria. The map shows changes in the percentage of total control between the different forces except for the Syrian opposition 
The map shows a progress from the Syrian regime forces on the expense of the rapid shrinkage in ISIS areas comparing to August 2017, the regime forces were able to increase the percentage of influence after an intensive military operation on three axes in Al Badia. The total percentage of the military influence for the different forces is as follows: 14,6% for ISIS after losing 7,5%, 45,1% for the Syrian regime forces and the foreign militias which means an increase of 8,9%. The regime forces were able to reach and break the siege upon Deir ez-Zor and 137th Brigade on 5/9/2017 on the account of ISIS. The regime forces also apply a suffocating besiege upon ISIS in Uqayribat's military pocket east of Hama, as the siege started last August. 
As for the Syrian opposition's influence, there are no changes in the frontlines with the regime forces due to the de-escalation zones agreements, however, there were changes in other regions especially Al Qalamoun, at which the Syrian opposition withdrew from Western Al Qalamoun and the region is under the regime forces' control. The regime forces are intensifying their military operations in Al Hammad Badia against the Syrian opposition without making any concrete progress, furthermore, the situation is the same for the regions east of Damascus and As-suwayda governorates. Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) made a progress on the expenses of the Syrian Elite Forces east of Syria after the defection of 800 combatants from the last party and joined SDF.
Thus, the influence percentage of the Syrian opposition is 17,9% after a decrease by 2,1% from August.
The influence percentage of SDF is 22,4% after making a great progress on the account of ISIS in Deir ez-Zor northern rural reaching the industrial city along with a slow progress in Ar-Raqqa neighborhood, SDF is controlling about 70% of Ar-Raqqa.